Is external search keyword data living on borrowed time?

Updated 10/2011: It appears I was correct in this prediction, Google has rolled out “not provided” and started to default users to encrypted search. The recent debate around Bing’s use of referring URLs in their search engine algorithm, specifically Google’s referring URL, has gotten me thinking about the availability of keyword data. There is one […]

Search spend vs clicks, a missed opportunity?

spend vs clicks

In Rand’s recent post about SEOmoz turning into a software as a service company, he shared the following graph to illustrate why SEO is a missed opportunity in the competitive landscape. While I do think investment in SEO often has the highest ROI of any online marketing spend and many businesses of all sizes underspend […]

Local Search Listings

Google and Yahoo search pages now often include maps and local business information into their results. Search engines often act as yellow pages for people so verifying your local contact information should help customers find and contact you. Many businesses are already in Google and Yahoo because they take information from Yellow Pages, other telecom […]

Direct links from social bookmarks

I know I don’t post enough, but I try to have unique posts. I was holding off on this to better take advantage of it myself, but since SEOmoz is posting about Pligg sites, I better post this now before my content is less than unique. Everyone knows the use of the social bookmarking sites […]

Deep Link Percentages

Deep links are links to internal pages on a site rather than the index page for a site. The index pages for websites generally acts as hubs and receive most of the inbound links from sites especially directories. Smaller businesses often only have backlinks to their domain root, and have no deep links to internal […]

Link Building with InFormEnter

When building links for various sites, I often find myself hand-typing and submitting the same contact information to many different directories and comment forms. When you are serious about getting links, this repetitive action gets tiresome. Now you can get rid of your typing with the InFormEnter Firefox extension. The extension adds a small clickable […]

Do private domain registrations hurt search rankings?

Do private domains hurt your ability to rank in search engines? This is a question that I have not seen asked, but I think it deserves consideration. Search engines use many factors to determine whether to trust a website and the links to a website, and I believe whether or not a domain is registered […]