Debug SiteCatalyst on an iPhone (or other iOS device)

Here’s how you can debug sitecatalyst calls on webpages from your iPhone or iPad. In a future post, I will detail how you can proxy your iPhone to debug SiteCatalyst (including native iPhone App SiteCatalyst calls) on desktop. Visit Omniture’s blog post about their DigitalPulse Debugger Bookmark this page. Copy the javascript bookmarklet. Edit the […]

Omniture Summit 2010 Review

Last week I attended my second Omniture Summit conference, and I have to say, if you are an analyst, marketer or developer that works with Omniture products and have the oppurtunity to attend, it’s a no brainer, GO. Not only is the summit a great time with good food, drinks, and entertainment, you get to […]

Omniture Summit 2009

I felt lucky to have been able to attend the Omniture Summit this year, as travel and expenses are very tight with the current economic climate. Since I just took a job as a web analytics manager in November, and the company I work for just transitioned to SiteCatalyst, a case was made that attending […]