Sending a DMCA takedown notice

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is considered a very controversial piece of legislation. While I do not personally support some of the law, I have sent DMCA takedown notices when one of my other blogs had posts lifted verbatim and republished without my permission. When someone steals content and publishes on it on a […]

Direct links from social bookmarks

I know I don’t post enough, but I try to have unique posts. I was holding off on this to better take advantage of it myself, but since SEOmoz is posting about Pligg sites, I better post this now before my content is less than unique. Everyone knows the use of the social bookmarking sites […]

BlogAds Revenue Study

A report about the ad revenue of different political sites running BlogAds is an interesting read. The study did not address ad placement, just the ad count, and it found that most of the weblogs would make more money if they placed additional ads on their site. Political blogs have stayed cutting edge and are […]