Omniture Summit 2010 Review

Last week I attended my second Omniture Summit conference, and I have to say, if you are an analyst, marketer or developer that works with Omniture products and have the oppurtunity to attend, it’s a no brainer, GO. Not only is the summit a great time with good food, drinks, and entertainment, you get to network with some great peers, Omniture employees and even learn a few things. Some of the people I met included Ben Gaines, Rudi Shumpert and I also saw Adam Greco roaming the halls. Go follow them if you are an Omniture customer. Omniture knows how to put together a stellar event and is made up of good people.

The big themes this year were social and mobile, which are also themes at my day job. I personally attended sessions on landing page optimization, advanced sitecatalyst plugins, marketing attribution, offline data integration, sitecatalyst data insertion/APIs and thought I got value out of all of them. John Battelle, Seth Godin’s keynotes were enjoyable, as was Facebook’s presentation. The music act was also great this year, The Killers.

This is the first conference since Adobe’s acquisition and Adobe used the forum to try to sell the acquisition both to Omniture customers and (likely) the investment community at large. Overall I’m still not completely sold on the acquisition, but if Adobe uses their capital to invest MORE in the Omniture Business Unit than Omniture could previously afford by itself, and if Adobe doesn’t try to squeeze dollars, the acquisition might have long term potential.

Apple and Google are clearly the main threats to Adobe and Omniture now. I’m not much of an Apple fanboy and I laughed when the iPad was called the iPod Touch Gigantor. I am a bit of a Google fanboy though, so I hope Omniture realizes they need to compete with SiteCatalyst instead of pitching Discover or Insight for some of the features that Google Analytics provides for free. Maybe I’m just upset because I’m not a Discover customer at my day job. I do think SiteCatalyst is the most advanced tool for capturing data and hopefully their new idea exchange will further motivate them to add features like advanced segmentation. Whoever convinced them to create the idea exchange should get a raise.

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