Omniture Summit 2009

I felt lucky to have been able to attend the Omniture Summit this year, as travel and expenses are very tight with the current economic climate. Since I just took a job as a web analytics manager in November, and the company I work for just transitioned to SiteCatalyst, a case was made that attending the conference would have a legitimate return (but the socializing is fun too).

Overall I had a great time- especially networking with people and meetingwith venders and consultants.I felt like I left with a better understanding of the metrics marketing landscape. I think the most direct benefits I had were the discussions with other analysts, especially from other retail sites. The keynotes were entertaining but nothing too mindblowing. The breakout sessions were hit and miss for me.

I think that my three medium to long term goals have been clarified.

  • Data integration with external tools, specifically email, paid search, endeca
  • Understanding and building channel attribution models, based upon a combination of first touch/last touch and time spans
  • Data-driven decisions and eventually a multivariant testing tool

Realistically Test and Target is about the only other Omniture product that is sparking my interest.

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