Deep Link Percentages

Deep links are links to internal pages on a site rather than the index page for a site. The index pages for websites generally acts as hubs and receive most of the inbound links from sites especially directories.

Smaller businesses often only have backlinks to their domain root, and have no deep links to internal pages. Blogs, news and content sites often have many deep links referencing interesting content from other blogs and websites.

We will use Yahoo and MSN Search to compute the deep link percentage in this example, because Google does not support the correct queries.

In this example I compute’s deep link percentage. We ignore internal links.

[link:] Yahoo
“about 1,910,000” results.

[] Yahoo
“about 3,980,000” results

Deep Link Percentage using Yahoo: 52.01%

[link:] MSN
1,741,451 results

[] MSN
2,571,492 results

Percentage of Deep Links using MSN: 32.28%

Now we will use a smaller site,

[] Yahoo
about 124,000

[link:] Yahoo
about 90,900

Yahoo Deep Link Percentage 26.69%

[] MSN

[link:] MSN

MSN Deep Link Percentage 21.92%

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