How to become a web analyst

Here is my response to this Quora question, How to become a web analyst? People who work in web, mobile and online marketing analysis come from a variety of backgrounds. Here are a few areas which can help a career in the space. An analytical degree – I’ve met and worked with good analysts with […]

Digital (web) analytics and targeted advertising are converging

When I worked for, one of the bigger and more impactful projects I worked on was integrating the email systems with digital analytics. This integration is becoming more common for advanced analytics practitioners. The setup involves setting a custom analytics variable to a unique user id or hashed email address when a visitor signs […]

Debug SiteCatalyst on an iPhone (or other iOS device)

Here’s how you can debug sitecatalyst calls on webpages from your iPhone or iPad. In a future post, I will detail how you can proxy your iPhone to debug SiteCatalyst (including native iPhone App SiteCatalyst calls) on desktop. Visit Omniture’s blog post about their DigitalPulse Debugger Bookmark this page. Copy the javascript bookmarklet. Edit the […]

IP address geolocation reporting is becoming less accurate

Using IP addresses to calculate location has always had its flaws. You might not want to count on your web analytics map overlays or geosegmentation reports for anything more granular than country. Mobile is changing the web. A good analyst will track the success coming from mobile devices, mobile optimized platforms and mobile marketing channels. […]

Is external search keyword data living on borrowed time?

Updated 10/2011: It appears I was correct in this prediction, Google has rolled out “not provided” and started to default users to encrypted search. The recent debate around Bing’s use of referring URLs in their search engine algorithm, specifically Google’s referring URL, has gotten me thinking about the availability of keyword data. There is one […]

Omniture Summit 2010 Review

Last week I attended my second Omniture Summit conference, and I have to say, if you are an analyst, marketer or developer that works with Omniture products and have the oppurtunity to attend, it’s a no brainer, GO. Not only is the summit a great time with good food, drinks, and entertainment, you get to […]

Search spend vs clicks, a missed opportunity?

spend vs clicks

In Rand’s recent post about SEOmoz turning into a software as a service company, he shared the following graph to illustrate why SEO is a missed opportunity in the competitive landscape. While I do think investment in SEO often has the highest ROI of any online marketing spend and many businesses of all sizes underspend […]

Number of Site Search Results in Google Analytics

WordPress site search sucks out of the box, but with a few improvements, it can end up rendering some fairly decent result sets. The usual method most people use to track their WordPress site search is the WordPress Search Meter Plugin. This is an easy way to get some feedback on how your users are […]

Tweaking the Sociable WordPress Plugin

News is that Joost‘s awesome wordpress plugin, Sociable, has been taken over by I recently installed the plugin on one of my blogs with some of my own tweaks. Replacing the images is easy enough, I decided to go with the Aquaticus icons. You can find a few lists of social bookmarking icons, here […]

Omniture Summit 2009

I felt lucky to have been able to attend the Omniture Summit this year, as travel and expenses are very tight with the current economic climate. Since I just took a job as a web analytics manager in November, and the company I work for just transitioned to SiteCatalyst, a case was made that attending […]